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Teaser Videos

    All authors are encouraged to upload a 30 seconds (or less) teaser video about their paper, which will be available through the ICSME conference website. Take a look at similar teasers from ICSE 2014 to get some ideas for your video.

    Please refer to the instructions below for details on how to submit.

    Video upload instructions


    OPTION 1: Upload the Video into the ICSME channel

    1. Login 
    Go to the Author's video ICSME 2014 Youtube channel using the username and password sent by email from the organizers of the conference.

    2. Upload 
    You can create your video using your webcam directly from the channel, or upload a video file

    3. Complete 
    Complete the description section by adding the title of your paper and the list of authors. 

    5. (OPTIONAL) Use the youtube edition tools if you need them. 

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: All authors are using the same channel to upload their videos, be careful not to delete someone else's video.

    OPTION 2: Upload the Video to your own Youtube channel

    You can also create and upload the video into your own Youtube channel. In this case, please send an e-mail to with the link of your video, and make sure that the Description field have the proper information about the title of your paper and the list of authors


    Please email us to in case you require additional assistance.