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CSM Keynotes, Panels and Tutorials


  • Keynote: E. Martin, DoD; The DoD Software Initiative
  • Keynote: B. Swanson, UCLA; A Tutorial on Application Software Maintenance,
  • Keynote: B. Boehm, TRW; The Economics of Software Maintenance
  • Keynote: C. Bachmann, Bachman Information Systems (1973 Turing Award Winner); The Impact of Conceptual Schema Systems on Business Information Systems, 


  • Keynote: L.A. Belady, IBM Japan, Program System Dynamics or the Metadynamics of Systems in Maintenance and Growth
  • Panel: Putting Software Quality Assurance into Software Maintenance; Chair: R.S. Arnold, Mitre Corp.
  • Panel: Negotiating Software Maintenance Contracts; Chair: T.B. Marzouk, Rothblatt & Marzouk
  • Panel: The Need to teach Software Maintenance; Chair: G. Parikh, Consultant, Chicago
  • Panel: Is the Waterfall Model Sinking Software Maintenance? Chair: P. Basset, Netron Inc., Canada
  • Panel: Metrics for Software Maintenance; Chair: J.A. McCall, Science Applications International Inc.
  • Panel: Targets for Effective Software Maintenance Research; Chair: D. Shafer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Panel: The Psychology of program Documentation; Chair: E. Soloway, Yale University
  • Panel: Software from Here to Eternity; Chair: N. Zvegintzov, Software Maintenance News


  • Tutorial: R.S. Arnold, SPC; Software Restructuring
  • Tutorial: T. Gilb, Consultant; Advanced Practical Management Methods and Technologies for Controlling Software Maintenance Cost, Productivity and Maintainability
  • Tutorial: A. Filipski, GTE and Arizona State University; C, UNIX and Software Portability
  • Keynote: B. Boehm, TRW; Improving Software Maintenance Productivity
  • Panel: Perspectives on Software Maintenance; N. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School (Chair); L. Druffel, SEI; P. Freeman, UC Irvine, B. Boehm, TRW, L. Belady, MCC
  • Panel: Metrics for Software Maintenance Management; J. McCall, SAIC (Chair); G. Long, SM-ALC; Major T. Shumskas, AFSC; J. Cavano, RADC; N. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School; B. Curtis, MCC
  • Panel: Legal Implications of Software Maintenance; T. Marzouk, Esq. (Chair); P. Samuelson, University of Pittsburgh; A. Martin, SEI
  • Panel: Employing Standards to Improve Software Maintenance; J. Raveling, DoD; W. Osborne, NBS; L. Tripp, IEEE/Boeing; B. Wilson, NASA
  • Panel: Embedded Computer Software Maintenance Environments; J. McCall, SAIC (Chair); J. Patterson, SM-ALC; M. Parrish, OC-ALC; G. Myers, NOSC; D. Cerino, RADC; P. Pierce, SAIC
  • Panel: Status and Problems in Software Maintenance Education; D. Gustafson, Kansas State University (Chair); G. Sackett, Hughes Aircraft; M. Walsh, AT&T
  • Minitutorial: D. Peercy, BDM; Reducing Risks in Software Maintenance
  • Minitutorial: J. Raveling, DoD; Control it or loose it: Responsive Configuration Management (CM)--A must for Software Maintenance


  • Panel: Can we exploit the Relationship between Reuse and Maintenance? H.D. Rombach, University of Maryland
  • Panel: Designing Ada Software for Maintainability; N.R. Mead, IBM
  • Panel: Modeling the Software Maintenance Process: Analytic Summary Models; M.I. Kellner, SEI
  • Panel: Software Maintenance Research Directions; W.M. Osborne, NIST
  • Minitutorial: Software Configuration Management in the Computer Industry; J.R. Bates
  • Minitutorial: Metrics; H. Zuse, TU Berlin


  • Panel: Process-Focused Models of Software Maintenance; M.I. Kellner, SEI (Chair), H.D. Rombach, University of Maryland
  • Panel: CASE Supported Maintenance Environment; W.M. Osborne, NIST (Chair), E.J. Chikofsky, DMR, J. Grochow
  • Panel: Nontraditional Perspectives on Software Maintenance; M.I. Kellner, SEI (Chair), R. Glass, Seattle University, V.R. Basili, University of Maryland
  • Panel: Bridge Technologies for Software Maintenance; R.S. Arnold (Chair), Software Evolution Technology (SEVTEC); B. Blum, Johns Hopkins University; V. Rajlich, Wayne State University
  • Panel: Software Maintenance in Practice; T.M. Pigoski, US Navy NSGD (Chair)


  • Panel: The User Perspective on Maintenance; C.M. Beath, University of Minnesota
  • Panel: The Maintenance Challenge of "CALS"; N. Chapin, InfoSci Inc.
  • Panel: IEEE Software Quality Metrics Methodology (Draft) Standard: How can it be applied to Software Maintenance; N. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Panel: Software Maintenance in Europe; R. Ciampoli, Olivetti
  • Panel: Lessons Learned from CSM 90: An Assessment of the State of the Art; T.M. Pigoski, US Navy NSGD
  • Workshop: The Integration of Software Maintenance Research with Development of the IEEE (Draft) Software Maintenance Standard; N.F. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Workshop: Software Maintenance Standards and Related Efforts; M.I Kellner, SEI
  • Tools Panel: Face-off at the Maintenance Frontier; N. Zvegintzov, Software Maintenance News
  • Tools Minisession: Tools and Techniques for Parallelization of Existing Software; W. Harrison, Portland State University


  • Panel: Software Certification; T. Katsoulakos (Chair)
  • Panel: Software Maintenance and Reverse Engineering; G. Lafue, Andersen Consulting
  • Panel: Software Maintenance in Japan; W.E. Howden, UCSD
  • Panel: Software Maintenance in Europe; L. Mancini, Olivetti
  • Panel: Software Maintenance in the USA; R.S. Arnold, SEVTEC
  • Panel: Lessons Learned; J. Munson, University of West Florida


  • Keynote: Maintaining the Software Process; B. Curtis, SEI
  • Keynote: The Importance of Process Improvement in Software Maintenance; T.W. Keller, IBM Houston
  • Panel: Paradigms for Maintenance; M. Georges, CAP Gemini Innovation
  • Panel: Measurements for Maintenance Process Management; L. Mancini, Olivetti
  • Panel: Maintenance Process Improvement in Industry; D. Card, Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Panel: Can Software Maintenance be Taught? F. Calliss, Arizona State University
  • Panel: Reliability Models and Metrics for Space Shuttle Maintenance; N.F. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Report: Workshop on Program Comprehension; V. Rajlich, Wayne State University


  • Keynote: The Business of Software Maintenance; J.G. Schwarz, IBM
  • Keynote: Directions in Software Development and Maintenance; T.J. Biggerstaff, Microsoft, Research
  • Report: Software Maintenance Standards; S.A. Bohner (Chair), Mitre Corp., N.F. Schneidewind, Naval postgraduate School, P. Kuvaja, University of Oulu, G. Caldiera, University of Maryland
  • Panel: Impact of ISO 9000 on Software Maintenance; G. Caldiera, University of Maryland (Chair), A.B. Winston
  • Panel: Maintenance Productivity and Quality Studies; A. Abran, ETS Montreal
  • Panel: CSM: Ten Years Later; M.I. Kellner, SEI (Chair), R.S. Arnold, SEVTEC, N. Chapin, InfoSci Inc., T.M. Pigoski, Technical Software Services, N.F. Schneidewind, Naval Postgraduate School, N. Zvegintzov, Software Maintenance News
  • Report: Software Maintenance Metrics; J. Munson, University of West Florida


  • Keynote: Building an Experience Factory for Maintenance: Reengineering Process and Product; V.R. Basili, University of Maryland
  • Keynote: Dimensions of Software Evolution; D. Perry, AT&T Bell Labs
  • Panel: Toward Interoperable Maintenance Processes; P.Oman (Chair), University of Idaho, B. Grady, HP, J. Slonim, IBM CAS Toronto, J. Tierny, Microsoft, G. Stark, Mitre Corp.
  • Panel: Challenges and Opportunities of Maintaining Object-Oriented Systems; H. Leung, BNR Canada, M.J. Harrold, Clemson University (Co-Chairs), R. Chillarege, IBM T.J. Watson, D. Hoffman, University of Victoria, D. Perry, AT&T Bell Labs, J. Slonim, IBM CAS Toronto